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we need to order F-52408/F-94474, F-217813.2 bearing

Dear sir Manager,
Good day! We wish to write to you with a view of looking for a prospective business cooperation with your esteemed company.
We , a professional and leading offset printing machines bearing,cam follower importers and suppliers in Uganda , since 1996 . We have advantages in the following products and we need to order

(1) GTO52 printing machine
F-52408/F-94474 this is Heidelberg GTO52 (00.550.0436) bearing ======= we need 30 pcs 
F-54293 : this is Heidelberg GTO52 (00.550.0478) bearing ======= we need 30 pcs
F-54635 : this is Heidelberg GTO52 (00.500.0479) bearing======= we need 30 pcs
F-217813.2 : this is Heidelberg SM74(00.550.1471) bearing ======= we need 50 pcs
For Second Item MO printing machine, is bearing number F-34363 ======= we need 50 pcs
Kindly provide us with your quotations for the above Machine cost together with air freight to Entebbe International Airport Uganda so that we
Can give you our order soon
With best regards

QMFXP18J085SEM 214096

24B2S30N 67791DW-902B2

QAAMC18A080SM 06B1S30I

227-6037 CATERPILLAR 345DL 05075-902A3

DVC26K407SET 120A4CX10FT

6203-RSH QMPL15J070SM

SAK 1/2 NJ 311 ECM/C3

QMPR15J212SM 08125/08231-30000

3767-30000 16B1SNS107I

QMFX20J100ST SDC2082HS11

PSM 202820 A51 PAB20PPAS

T10B1/15T 39236/39412

H917810-20395 602017/28

Email: sales@vvbearing.com

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