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Projects in Ohio, California, & Vermont to employ Evoqua's Davco line

In one of five new installations for Evoqua, the Union City, Calif., Sanitary District replaced four screw pumps nearing 30 years old with Evoqua's Internalift Screw Pumps at the Paseo Padre and Fremont Lift Stations.

Evoqua Water Technologies has been selected by five municipalities in Ohio 22M-25-21101 KOMATSU PC50-7, California, and Vermont to supply rehab services and screw pump replacements through its DAVCO product line.

Each of the projects will improve the efficiency of lifting large flows of wastewater and reducing maintenance costs. Evoqua's DAVCO product and service team provided thorough equipment evaluations and recommended best options to restore operating efficiency, extend useful life or supply complete turnkey replacement services.

Massillon, Ohio
The City of Massillon, Ohio, selected Evoqua's Davco field service team to replace aging pump bodies and bearings for two 96" diameter open style screw pumps. The pumps are being installed now.

Akron, OH
In Akron, Ohio, Evoqua will supply six 72 diameter Externalift Screw Pumps featuring 316 stainless steel flights, upper and lower bearings and refurbished motor assemblies, drives and backstops per bid specifications. The pumps will be shipped in stages with the first two installed in 2017 and the remaining four in early 2018.
Union City, California Sanitary District
The Union City, Calif., Sanitary District replaced four screw pumps nearing 30 years old with Evoqua's Internalift Screw Pumps at the Paseo Padre and Fremont Lift Stations. The installation of the 24" and 30" stainless steel pumps was performed by a general contractor and start-up took place this year.
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
In the town of Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, two screw pumps were replaced in December 2016 after 26 years of use. The new 54" Internalift Screw Pumps from Evoqua are each capable of lifting 6.9 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw wastewater providing a 30% increased capacity over the existing pumps. Evoqua's DAVCO℠ field service team worked with a general contractor on the project with start-up completed this year.

Troy, Ohio
The Troy, Ohio, Sewer Plant recently refurbished four 60" diameter open style screw pumps with capacities of 6,940 gallons per minute (gpm). The scope of the project included the replacement of the sealed lower and upper bearing assemblies, new drive assemblies and paint for the pump bodies. Start-up was in the fall of 2016.

The Henry P. Thompson Co. in Milford, OH, BissNuss Inc., located in  Canfield KOMATSU LW250L-1, OH, David F. Sullivan located in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and JBI Water & Wastewater with headquarters in El Dorado Hills, CA helped secure the contracts as Evoqua's manufacturers' representatives.

About DAVCO™ Water and Wastewater Products and Services
Evoqua, through its DAVCO™ product line, is an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of water and wastewater treatment equipment and systems including field erected biological treatment plants, screw pumps, filtration equipment and clarifier rehabilitation. The DAVCO product line is supported by experienced project teams that have been working with municipalities, developers and engineers for 50 years to deliver turnkey treatment projects in as fast as six months. The single source approach integrates industry-leading expertise and equipment with design, steel fabrication, field installation/construction, commissioning services. 

Email: sales@vvbearing.com

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