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Want to import China wholesale fidget spinners? Here's what you need to know

China wholesale fidget toys come in various forms, including cube, cylinder, ball, disk and dodecagon. The most popular, however, is the spinner, which often comes with multiple leaves and in custom designs. Sixty-five to 80 percent of China's fidget spinner output is made of ABS. Such types have the widest user base, targeting 3- to 80-year-olds. Metal and LED HD880-2 versions are for employees and students.

Fidget cubes, meanwhile, have multiple faces fitted with buttons, switches, rollers, rotating dials, balls and gears said to help relieve stress and concentration. Dodecagons are 12-sided variations of fidget cubes.

Ball- or cylinder-shaped fidget sticks, on the other hand, bounce and do somersaults. Made usually of PC, these designs are suitable for all ages.
Want more China fidget spinners? Check out our product gallery with 30 playful, flashy and brightly colored fidget spinners here. Or watch our video of how wholesale fidget spinners are made in China.

Spinner teardown

Fidget spinners have two main components, namely the frame and ball bearings. China suppliers adopt ABS, brass, copper, and aluminum and zinc alloy frames, which are usually sourced domestically. Composites such as ABS-PC are also used for added durability, and titanium for optimal toughness and quality. Transparent shells, often made of glass, are common in LED fidget spinners. Sandal- or rosewood is adopted for high-end handcrafted custom orders.

As for ball bearings, stainless steel is the most widely used. Some suppliers prefer mixed- or all-ceramic bearings to extend spin time, while others choose iron to lower costs. A few suppliers offer all-plastic models.

Typically, fidget spinners use ball bearings with five to seven balls. The latter type offers a longer spin time, but costs more. Ball bearings are from Zhejiang or Shandong province, with NSK, SKF, FAG, IKO, NTN, Koyo and Timken being the popular brands.
Wholesale China fidget spinners are priced from $0.50 to $10 depending primarily on material, quality and design.

Low-end models are $0.50 to $1 and include tri-spinners or spinners with three leaves. Frames adopt ABS, are susceptible to cracks and can have rough or sharp edges. Bearings commonly have stainless steel balls. Such fidget spinners are noisy when used. Spin time is only 30 to 60 seconds.

Upscale versions, meanwhile, adopt better-quality materials such as metal alloys and plastic composites for the frame, and stainless steel or ceramic bearings coated with anti-rust oil. These are also more visually appealing with plated and rubber-coated bodies, or painted, matte and water-transferred prints. Models spin quietly and smoothly for up to two minutes.
Midrange versions have high-grade ABS, ABC-PC and metal frames, and steel or ceramic ball bearings. Spin time is between one and two minutes, and price is from $1.50 to $3.

High-end China fidget spinners include models with as many as four or six leaves and other custom styles. The spin for three to six minutes, and go for $4 to $10. Frames are made of zinc or aluminum alloy, copper or brass, and are fitted with ceramic or steel ball bearings. Some adhere to EN 71 requirements, while LED types have FCC approval.

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